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The Modular Process

Based on your property location, individual design needs and ideas, we can custom build our clients dream modular home. Alternatively, they can choose and adapt from of our standard modular homes range. 

From family homes, beach houses or granny flats to 1,2,3 or 4 + bedroom homes. TDM also pride ourselves in offering the flexibility of amending designs to suit our clients requirements, or even adapting their project to our designer homes building system. 

As New Zealand’s leading modular home builders, we can build anything to spec and believe our clients dream home does not have to cost more. One way we stay true to this statement and differentiate our offering is by providing a high level of standard inclusions. We are renowned for providing a variety of standard inclusions that ensures your project stays to budget, with the full value included. TDM Modular aims to break down the walls of the building industry, creating an innovative more efficient and quality driven product that is available to all New Zealander's no matter their lifestyle, location or need.

Step 1 : Initial Meeting

The first part of the process enables us to get an idea of your 'wants & needs' to allow us to move into the design process. At this step is can be beneficial to walk over the site for us to optimise your house design to the site.

Step 2 : Developing Your Design

Stage 2 is where we work with our experienced designers to turn your ideas into a concept plan and 3D imaging to show you what your home can look like and also for quoting. We use a range of architects who, together work hard to design your dream home.

Step 3 : Quoting Stage

Stage 3 is where we take your concept to quote stage. We work through the nuts & bolts of your design to provide you with a fixed price quote. This will detail exactly what is inclusive and exclusive in the price.

Step 4: Sign Our Fixed Price Contract

Stage 4 is where we will take time to discuss and sign a Master Builders fixed price contract which will include quotes and specifications. At TDM Homes we leave no stone unturned to ensure there are no hidden surprises

Step 5 : Finalising Plans and Submitting Consent

Once the contract is signed we will look to finalize the plans making sure everything is covered to begin the working drawings in preparation to submit for consent. Our designers plan to have these drawings completed as soon as possible to get your build underway.

Step 6 : Make Your Selections

Stage 6 is where you will be setup on our cloud based system. This a tool that we used not only to help us manage the sites but for our clients to be involved and kept informed with what is going on with their site without having to be on site everyday. 

During this stage we will also confirm selections through the app to create a database of information for your site.

Step 7 : Factory Construction

Once consent is granted by the council, the build begins. At this stage you will be working with our project managers, as they will become your point of contact during your build. The app also comes into play in this step as you can start to track a constantly updated schedule and photos taken on site. 

Step 8 : Transport

Stage 8 is once construction is finished your TDM Modules will be wrapped then placed on our moving trucks and sent out to site

Step 9 : Craning on Site

Stage 9 is once arriving at your site cranes will hoist the modules into place onto the piles .

Step 10 : Finishing Your Home

Stage 10 is the finishing of your home , this is where we do all the final touches to get your home ready for you to live in. Generally we aim for 8 days for this stage.

Step 11 : Moving In

Your TDM Modular home is now complete and ready for you to move in!

Our Factory

This is our central hub for all TDM Modular operations where all works are completed within this purpose built hybrid facility. 

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